left essential people

Each of the 40 collaborators was asked to provide us with the names of three artists that have been the most influential for their practice. The below list is an anonymous compilation of the responses gathered, in alphabetical order.


Aaron Williamson
Abbas Kiarostami
Adrian Piper
Alain Kaprow
Albert Camus
Alejandro Jodowrosky
Andre Agassi
Andy Murray
Andy Warhol
Angela Carter
Ann Hamilton
Anne Bean
Annie Sprinkle
Antonin Artaud
Arianne Mnoushkin
Bob Flanagan/Sheree Rose
Brian Catling
Brothers Grimm
Bruce Nauman
Carolee Schneemann
Chris Burden
Cindy Sherman
Claude Cahun
David Hammons
David Lynch
David Wojnarowicz
DJ Hazard
Edward Hopper
Einar Schleef
Ernst Fischer
Esther Ferrer
Forced Entertainment
Francesca Woodman
Francis Bacon
Franko B
Frida Kahlo
Gaby Agis
Gary Stevens
Gina Pane
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Heine Avdal & Yukiko Shinozaki
Hieronymous Bosch
Jean Genet
Jerome Bel
Jerzy Grotowski
Joe Moran
John Cage
John Peel

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